Award Process


To submit a nomination, please click our 'Apply Now' link :

  • All 8 questions must be answered. 
  • Answers must be within the word-limit requirements. 
  • Nomination forms must be completed in English. 
  • Both nominees AND nominators should review and accept the Challenge Specific Agreement which you clicked through in order to view this Award description. (It will be assumed that the Challenge Specific Agreement has been accepted by both the nominee and nominator if an application is submitted.) 

Submissions to this Challenge must be received by 11:59 PM (23:59) GMT on 7th September 2016. Late submissions will not be considered.

Evaluation Process

Once the nomination period closes, all nominations will be evaluated based on the Judging and Eligibility Criteria. At each stage of the evaluation process, some nominations will be eliminated. The eventual winners will be chosen by a Judging Panel from a final Shortlist of the best nominations.

Winners will be publically announced after the evaluation process – within the 6 months following the end of the nomination period.


Shortlisted nominees will be contacted prior to any Awards being announced in order to gather additional information as necessary. This process may include: 

  • Contacting the organisation to inform that their innovation has been shortlisted, and to request contact details for the individual responsible for the innovation, and for referees outside the organisation who can verify the innovation.  
  • Requesting contact details for referees who can verify the information provided with the nomination.  
  • Requesting additional information or evidence about the innovation, which may include documentation, financial information, annual accounts, or other available proof.  
  • Requesting to visit the office of the nominee and/or the site where the innovation is being practiced, by a member and/or representative of the GSK—Save the Children Partnership.  
  • Other research on the innovation and/or organisation. 

The Judging Panel will only be able to grant a Healthcare Innovation Award if all the criteria and due diligence checks have been satisfactorily completed.


A referee(s) should be independent of the innovating organisation, and should be able to verify and validate the information provided in the nomination submission. Referees will only be contacted if a nomination is Shortlisted. 

Judging Panel

A Judging Panel will review Shortlisted nominations and will jointly select Award winners. Membership of the Judging Panel will be chosen by GSK and Save the Children and will include representatives from the GSK and Save the Children Partnership, as well as distinguished members of the public who are experts in one or more relevant fields.

The Judging Panel will have broad expertise. However, as they may not all be experts in your field, innovations and ideas should be described in clear language and without the use of technical jargon unique to a particular subject.

Both the winning nominations and the monetary value of each Award will be jointly selected by the Judging Panel. These decisions will be based on:

  • Eligibility Criteria (outlined above) 
  • Assessment Criteria (outlined above)

All decisions by the Judging Panel will be final and no correspondence, explanation, or further information about the decisions will be entered into.

Last year's judging panel included: 

  • Sir Michael Rawlins 
  • Professor Parveen June Kumar CBE  
  • Sir Liam Donaldson  
  • Lord Naren Patel  
  • Dr Mushtaque Chowdhury  
  • Dr Titilola Banjoko  
  • Professor Pamela Hartigan  
  • Professor Joy Lawn
  • Professor Alejandro Madrigal


There is no limit on the number of winning organisations, but the number will likely be between four and eight. 

The final number of winners and value of Awards will be at the discretion of the Judging Panel, but each will likely receive between USD$ 100,000 – 400,000.

Post-Award Follow Up

In addition, winners will be contacted each year for five years after the Awards are provided so that GSK and Save the Children can learn how the Award money has been applied, what impact it has had, and how we may continue to support and promote your work. If appropriate, this information may be used for follow-up media.