About the award

The Healthcare Innovation Award was announced in May 2013 following the launch of GSK and Save the Children’s ambitious partnership, which aims to help save the lives of one million children in some of the world’s most vulnerable communities. One aspect of the partnership is the focus on working together to maximise innovations to tackle under-five child mortality. For example, Save the Children is involved in helping GSK to research and develop child-friendly medicines such as the reformulation of an antiseptic solution used in its mouthwash.  Save the Children has a seat on a new paediatric R&D board set up by GSK to accelerate the development of innovative life-saving interventions for under-fives, and to identify ways to ensure the widest possible access in the developing world.

The 2017 Healthcare Innovation Award is the fourth annual US$1 million award, rewarding innovations in healthcare that are helping to reduce child mortality in developing countries and that can show how an award would enable them to scale up their interventions.

The winners had to demonstrate the impact of their innovation on under five child survival. They also had to demonstrate sustainability as well as the potential to scale up and replicate.

The Healthcare Innovation Award is co-chaired by the CEOs of GSK and Save the Children. A judging panel, comprising experts from the fields of public health, science and academia, split the award funds between the four winning healthcare innovations.

As well as providing funding, this year’s Healthcare Innovation Award provides a platform to review and evaluate new approaches to health system challenges, to recognise those that are having an impact, and share best practice with the wider global health community.

To overcome these persistent challenges and to save children’s lives, we are supporting, encouraging and recognising health innovations of all kinds that are increasing access to healthcare for the hardest to reach children and their families. The winners of the 2017 Healthcare Innovation Award receive the following:

  1. A cash donation from a USD$ 1 million award fund that has been made available by GSK
  2. Promotion through public award announcements and international media coverage
  3. A ‘Round-Table’ event in their local community that will convene interested and relevant stakeholders from the public, private and non-profit sectors to provide a support network that can help improve and grow the innovation
  4. Potential additional support may include volunteer and/or technical assistance from GSK and Save the Children staff and country offices

One year old Koursia Mahamadou